HIV/AIDS - Prevention

We educate and raise awareness to decrease the number of new cases of HIV/AIDS.

The Chris Howell Foundation began in 2016 when Chris learned of the increased number of new HIV infection rates in Dallas County. Learning about this epidemic ignited a passion within the Howell’s to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS in communities where risk is at its highest.


Chris and Dominique Howell saw the need for HIV/AIDS prevention and education and began to bridge the gap through community outreach forums, events, and programs designed to raise awareness around knowing your status.


The Chris Howell Foundation strives to educate high-risk communities about the harsh reality of HIV/AIDS and its accompanying consequences, if not treated or avoided. The informed communities can use their newfound knowledge to increase awareness, change mindsets, and save lives.


By empowering vulnerable families with vital, life-saving education and providing testing opportunities through “Know Your Status” events on HIV/AIDS the Chris Howell Foundation is aiming to change the trajectory of innocent lives being impacted by life-threatening diseases.


In collaboration with other community-based organizations, the Chris Howell Foundation strives to help vulnerable individuals and families to obtain the resources they need to live safe and infection-free lives. They work to provide and secure the proper resources necessary for medical treatment as well as assist with finding housing and food for those affected or unaware of available resources.


In 2014, an estimated 16,146 individuals were living with HIV in Dallas County with the highest number of new infection rates ranging between 13-24 years of age. According to Dallas County Health and Human Services, that’s an increase of 124% since 2004.

“Knowing your status and the status of your partner is extremely important. We encounter so many individuals who have contracted this disease from their partners without knowing.”– Dominique Bryant-Howell

We need to start having conversations about HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Dallas County (653.7/100,000) far exceeds that of Texas State (289.7/100,000). This is why the Chris Howell Foundation aims to raise awareness, educate, and increase testing opportunities where risk is at its highest. 

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83% of the nearly 16,000 people living with HIV reside in Dallas County with nearly 900 new cases annually