Financial Literacy


Most financial issues and negative money mindsets simply stem from a lack of education and knowledge. With the Texas poverty rate maintaining a devastating average of 15.6% over the past 10 years, we decided we needed to help do something. At the Chris Howell Foundation we believe all people are entitled to wealth and financial stability. Through our financial literacy program we offer knowledge of credit building and repairing procedures, budget-setting techniques, savings account importance, setup and maintenance, and tips on financial stability.      


Healthy Dollars is a financial literacy program providing interactive education to achieve healthy financial responsibility along with the power to gain and maintain wealth. This hands-on instructional program educates participants on the significance of maintaining a personal healthy financial lifestyle through self-help and peer-led techniques. The skills gained through this program will annihilate poverty, eliminate low credit scores, and introduce a healthy, wealthy money mindset to shift from simply surviving to thriving when it comes to finances.   

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