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Know Your Status Dallas

Know Your Status Dallas is a free event chain open to the public where we take HIV/AIDS awareness and education to at-risk communities in Dallas County with free HIV testing available to anyone ready to take a stand and know their status. We host a signature event each year on or around February 7th in observance of National Black HIV/AIDS  Awareness Day, recognizing the devastating fact that Black Americans have the highest rate of new HIV diagnoses. It is our goal to decrease new HIV infection rates by educating attendees through community outreach forums, on-site testing, counseling, and other HIV/AIDS informative materials.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 23% of all Americans living with HIV at the end of 2014 were women. The CDC also anticipates that 1 in 48 Black women will contract HIV in her lifetime if current trends continue. Our B.E.E.P program for Black women is tailored to introduce and educate participants on prevention options to protect themselves and their partners from HIV acquisition. These prevention tools include affirming messaging around abstinence, condom usage, routine HIV/STI testing, and education on PrEP.


In Dallas County alone, between 2012 and 2016 there has been a steady increase in new HIV diagnosis among young adults ages 18-24. With more than 1,100 youth living with HIV and over 324 new cases per year, Dallas County remains in the top five state-wide counties for HIV acquisition and prevalence. That’s why PROJECT Y.E.A.H was developed to increase knowledge and awareness of HIV risk, to educate young adults on modes of acquisition and biology, to offer available prevention options, and to increase access to local and regional HIV prevention and support services.

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The Mothers of Sons mentorship program is an innovative approach to HIV prevention for young gay and bisexual men through connection with trained women involved in our program who will share the knowledge they have attained through HIV 101, Prevention Options, Addressing Social Determinants, Accessing Local Resources, and Adherence Support Practices. Through these close mentorship relationships, we will increase knowledge of HIV/AIDS and PrEP, make known the services available to those diagnosed and those at risk, and increase access to adherence services for HIV-positive gay and bisexual men.


In the Huddle is a male empowerment movement designed to inform and inspire men of all backgrounds to become the team captain of their lives. This gathering is based on the educational foundation of the four compass points of manhood: health, money, coaching, and goal setting.

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“As I look across the landscape at the men in my circles, I no longer see the fire in their eyes and when asked about it, no one can quite say what has caused it to go dim. It is my hope that this event will bring men of all backgrounds together to have open and honest conversations.” – Chris Howell  

Article:  In The Huddle: Empowerment for Men by Mike McGee (Published 9/6/2018 — Dallas Examiner)


Our Health and Wellness Fairs are open to the public and focus on providing an overview of whole body health through the education and awareness of disease prevention. We will offer classes on fitness, stroke prevention, mental health, hearing and speech issues, as well as financial consultations, housing services, blood pressure checks, and A1C screenings. Bring the whole family for chances to win prizes, giveaways, and to engage in fun activities for youth and children! We believe in whole body health, wellness, and well-being for everyone.

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Most financial issues and negative money mindsets simply stem from a lack of education and knowledge. With the Texas poverty rate maintaining a devastating average of 15.6% over the past 10 years, we decided we needed to help do something. At the Chris Howell Foundation we believe all people are entitled to wealth and financial stability. Through our financial literacy program we offer knowledge of credit building and repairing procedures, budget-setting techniques, savings account importance, setup and maintenance, and tips on financial stability.      


Healthy Dollars – Financial Literacy Program: Healthy Dollars is a financial literacy program providing interactive education to achieve healthy financial responsibility along with the power to gain and maintain wealth. This hands-on instructional program educates participants on the significance of maintaining a personal healthy financial lifestyle through self-help and peer-led techniques. The skills gained through this program will annihilate poverty, eliminate low credit scores, and introduce a healthy, wealthy money mindset to shift from simply surviving to thriving when it comes to finances.   

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